2013 Cracked Bell – Results

The 9th Annual Cracked Bell Open Bonspiel was held from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 January 2013.  The results are as follows:

Cracked Bell
Dates: January 4 – January 6, 2013
Location: Philadelphia Curling Club – Paoli, PA
Number of Teams: 16

1st Event
Winner (Presidents? Cup): Philadelphia (S. Craig MacKinley, V. Catie MacKinley, 2. Ken Seiverdi, L. Theresa Seiverd)
Runner-Up: Philadelphia (S. Steven Meshino, V. Cindy Bush, 2. Zac Gery, L. Gina Miller)

2nd Event
Winner (The Cracked Bell): Potomac/Utica/Philadelphia (S. Michael Graziano, V. Jared Wydysh, 2. Courtney Shaw, L. Melvin Shaw)
Runner-Up: Philadelphia (S. Scott Dunnam, V. Michael Dunnam, 2. Lori Dunnam, L. Andrew Dunnam)

3rd Event
Winner (The Penn’s Woods): Plainfield (S. Janice Langanke, V. Nicole Arsenault, 2. Shara Dellatore, L. Rachel Howell)
Runner-Up: Potomac (S. Michael Fry, V. Michael Campbell, 2. Paul Trimbur, L. Mary McHugh)

4th Event
Winner (The Balding Bird): Philadelphia (S. Phil Mack, V. Andrew Dudt, 2. Cameron Vike, L. Cody Clouser)
Runner-Up: Philadelphia (S. Bryan Beck, V. Chris Ubelacker, 2. Dan Cooper, L. Kristen Beck)

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