Camp Fit to Curl

Dean Gemmell, Lead on the team (Team McCormick) that captured the 2012 United States Men’s Curling Championship and co-author of Fit to Curl, will host a one-day version of Camp Fit to Curl at PCC on October 13, 2012. The instruction is an all-day event designed for the needs of curlers from beginner to elite levels.

The one-day version of Camp Fit to Curl provides instruction that will improve deliveries, sweeping mechanics and teamwork/communications. Following the on-ice session, Dean will lead participants through a workout designed specifically for curlers. Based on the success of the programs in Fit to Curl, this will help participants learn how to train effectively both during the season and in the summer months.  Dean’s own journey to better fitness and improved curling performance makes him uniquely qualified to teach players of all abilities. His success on the ice can be inspiring to recreational curlers — he was a front end player on a national championship team at the age of 44.

At his home club, the Plainfield Curling Club in New Jersey, Dean has led countless private events and instructional clinics. He is enthusiastic about helping curlers improve. In addition to competing with Team McCormick and writing Fit to Curl, Dean hosts The Curling Show, a podcast that features interviews with curling’s top players and the people who shape the game. By speaking to so many of the best athletes and coaches in the sport, he is always getting new ideas about training and instruction for curlers of all levels.

For more information, or to register for the event, please contact Kate Remolde. Details will also be sent via email to the club’s Everyone list.

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