2012 Harvest Bonspiel

15-18 November 2012
Philadelphia Curling Club
Paoli, PA

The 35th annual Harvest Bonspiel was a great success. The theme was The Wizard of Oz and we were pleased to welcome both old and new friends for the festivities and some great curling in our recently upgraded ice facility.

Event photographer John Adams took some wonderful pictures that can be viewed here.

16 mixed teams participated in the four event bonspiel, and once again, there were a few surprises along the way. These are the curling results:

The first event (“The Liberty Bell“)

Winner: “Behind the Curtain” (Nutmeg II)
Skip Derek Surka
Vice Rebecca Andrew
Second Nate Clark
Lead Charrissa Lin

Runner-up: “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road” (Philadelphia III)
Skip Deanne Rudd
Vice Michael Campbell
Second Nancy Gerritsen van der Hoop
Lead Roland Gerritsen van der Hoop

The second event (“The Valley Forge Bowl“)

Winner: “Winged Monkeys with Brooms” (Nutmeg III)
Skip Matt Bertonica
Vice Monica Lynn (Anthracite)
Second Michael Nordquist (Plainfield)
Lead Jessica Welch (Bucks County)

Runner-up: “Team Toto” (Philadelphia V)
Skip Steve Meschino
Vice Cindy Bush
Second Zac Gery
Lead Gina Miller

The third event (“The Mad Anthony Wayne“)

Winner: “Rosie’s Slippers” (Philadelphia VI)
Skip Rosemary Morgan
Vice Richard Chadwick
Second Carolyn Lloyd (Chicago)
Lead David Chadwick (Scotland)

Runner-up: “Attractive People” (Bucks County)
Skip Greg Danks
Vice Christi Freeman
Second Justin Lehmann
Lead Barb Murphy

The fourth event (“The Consolation Event” for losing semi-finalists from the first event)

Winner: team “Blizzard of Ozz” (Philadelphia VII)
Skip Arthur Willson
Vice Pat Jolly
Second Rich Hess
Lead Jo Hess

Runner-up: team “Good Witches and Warlocks” (Philadelphia VI)
Skip Paul Latour
Vice Judy Little
Second Jay Rusek
Lead Theresa Seiverd

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