2011 Harvest Bonspiel

2011 Harvest logo

17-20 November 2011
Philadelphia Curling Club
Paoli, PA

The 34th annual Harvest Bonspiel was a great success. The theme was NovemberFest and we were pleased to welcome old and new friends for the festivities and some great curling in our upgraded state-of-the-art ice facility. 18 mixed teams participated in the four event bonspiel, and there were a few surprises along the way. Event photographer John Adams took lots of pictures that can be viewed here. These are the curling results:

The first event (“The Liberty Bell“)

Winner: “Broomstones – Leichter” (Broomstones I)
Skip Alex Leichter
Vice Jennifer Leichter
Second Fred Leichter
Lead Pamela Moan (Nutmeg)

Runner-up: “Napa Nippers” (Nutmeg I)
Skip Elly Bockley
Vice Ken Seiverd (Philadelphia)
Second Stefanie Torta
Lead Karl Bockley

The second event (“The Valley Forge Bowl“)

Winner: “St. Pauly Girls and the Arrogant Bastards” (Plainfield II)
Skip John DeJong
Vice Karen DeJong
Second Aaron Dubberly
Lead Sue Lindsay

Runner-up: “Team MacKinlay” (Philadelphia I)
Skip Craig MacKinlay
Vice Catie MacKinlay (Ardsley)
Second Andrew MacKinlay
Lead Tina MacKinlay

The third event (“The Mad Anthony Wayne“)

Winner: “Scotcharoo” (Philadelphia V)
Skip Rosemary Morgan
Vice Richard Chadwick
Second Carolyn Lloyd (Chicago)
Lead David Chadwick (Scotland)

Runner-up: team “The Ziegel Lockenwicklers” (Plainfield I)
Skip Rachel Howell
Vice Bob Howell
Second Debbie Coviello
Lead Dan Coviello

The fourth event (“The Consolation Event” for losing finalists from the first event)

Winner: team “GVDH” (Nutmeg II)
Skip Jeff Hannon
Vice Nancy Gerritsen van der Hoop (Philadelphia)
Second Mike Rudd (Philadelphia)
Lead Sally Hannon

Runner-up: team “House Hunters” (Dallas/Ft. Worth)
Skip Bob Graham (Plainfield)
Vice Linda Murphy
Second Alex Harlow (Chesapeake)
Lead Kathleen Harlow (Chesapeake)

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