2010 Harvest Bonspiel

2011 Harvest Bonspiel

18-21 November 2010
Philadelphia Curling Club
Paoli, PA

Sixteen mixed teams participated in the 33rd annual Harvest Bonspiel in 2010. Our theme was “Homecoming” and in many cases team names reflected the theme.

In the listings below the informal team names are followed by their club affiliation in parentheses. All players on a team are from the indicated club except where noted.

The first event (“The Liberty Bell“)

Winner: “Florin Class of 1987″ (Potomac II)
Jason Sethi (skip)
Rachel Sethi (vice)
Nick Datlowe (second)
Melissa Fox (lead)

Runner-up: “Quakers” (Philadelphia I)
Craig MacKinlay (skip)
Catie MacKinlay (vice)
Andrew MacKinlay (second)
Tina MacKinlay (lead)

The second event (“The Valley Forge Bowl“)

Winner: team “Team Hannon” (Nutmeg II)
Jeff Hannon (skip)
Nancy Gerritsen van der Hoop (vice) – from Philadelphia CC
Rob Reihl (second)
Sally Hannon (lead)

Runner-up: team “Homecoming Mongrels” (Chesapeake)
Eric Knight (skip) – from Philadelphia CC
Marie Gomoljak (vice)
Steve Haack (second) – from Philadelphia CC
Pam Parks (lead)

The third event (“The Mad Anthony Wayne“)

Winner: “Frozen Flamingos” (Potomac I)
Brian Galebach (skip)
Alexx Macedo (vice)
Bob Leonard (second)
Charlene Macedo (lead)

Runner-up: team “LBI Margaritas” (Plainfield I)
Paul Graebener (skip)
Andrea Stepnosky (vice)
Erik Conrad (second)
Louisa Bartok (lead)

The fourth event (“The Consolation Event” for losing semi-finalists from the first event)

Winner: “Team DeJong” (Plainfield II)
John DeJong (skip)
Melanie Dubberly (vice)
Aaron Dubberly (second)
Karen DeJong (lead)

Runner-up: team “The Non-Pep Squad” (Nutmeg I)
Elly Bockley (skip)
Ken Sieverd (vice) – from Philadelphia CC
Theresa Seiverd (second) – from Philadelphia CC
Karl Bockley (lead)

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