Harvest Mixed Bonspiel

2013 Harvest Bonspiel logo

21-24 November 2013

Philadelphia Curling Club

Paoli, PA

The 36th annual Harvest Bonspiel was a great success. The theme was Vegas Rocks! and we were pleased to welcome both old and new friends for the festivities and some great curling in our recently upgraded ice facility.

16 mixed teams participated in the four event bonspiel, and once again, there were a few surprises along the way. These are the curling results:

The first event (“The Liberty Bell“)

Winner: “Three of a Kind + Ken” (Philadelphia II)

Skip Craig MacKinlay
Vice Catie MacKinlay (from Ardsley)
Second   Ken Seiverd
Lead Tina MacKinlay

Runner-up: “Viva Rock Vegas” (Bucks County II)

Skip Kevin Stayer
Vice Tracy Shickel
Second   Ian Alexander
Lead Jane Stayer

The second event (“The Valley Forge Bowl“)

Winner: “BroomPhil” (Broomstones)

Skip Paul Sofuolis
Vice Alyssa Walsh (from Philadelphia)
Second   Arthur Willson (from Philadelphia)
Lead Meredith Kelsey

Runner-up: “Timmy Hoffa and the Teamsters” (Schenectady)

Skip Tim Brooks
Vice Andrea Warr
Second   Brad Austin
Lead Linda Austin

The third event (“The Mad Anthony Wayne“)

Winner: “The Hack Pack” (Philadelphia III)

Skip Deanne Rudd
Vice Michael Campbell
Second   Nancy Gerritsen van der Hoop
Lead Roland Gerritsen van der Hoop

Runner-up: “The High Rollers” (Ardsley)

Skip Dennis Mellerup
Vice Nina Reiniger (from Plainfield)
Second   Matt Gallegos
Lead Patty Heffner (from Plainfield)

The fourth event (“The Consolation Event” for losing semi-finalists from the first event)

Winner: team “Full House” (Plainfield)

Skip John DeJong
Vice Karen DeJong
Second   Aaron Dubberly
Lead Melanie Dubberly

Runner-up: team “Team Chainsaw” (Potomac I)

Skip Melvin Shaw
Vice Courtney Shaw
Second   Jeremy Vandenhouten
Lead Katie Kovach

Please join us next year at the 37th annual Harvest Bonspiel 20-23 November 2014

Further questions, email harvest.bonspiel@gmail.com

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