In-House Events

These events are for members and their families.

The Put-in-the-Plug Bonspiel (Mixed) – October

Our seasonal kick-off event where the ice is finally ready and it is time to curl!

The Family Bonspiel (Open) – December

Our annual members-only Family Bonspiel is held during the Christmas break between Chritmas and New Years. The bonspiel is an open format bonspiel with teams comprised of parents and children. Their is no sign-up sheet for the event, as members generally organize the event with whomever is available during the break in the season.

The Silver Mushroom Bonspiel (Mixed) – February

Our annual members-only in-house bonspiel is held the last weekend of January. Generally, sixteen to twenty teams compete. Competition runs from Thursday through Sunday. There are social activities along with it, so make sure to sign-up for the Mushroom Bonspiel and prepare to have a great time.

The All-American (Ladies) – January – March

Our Lady memebers conduct the All-American competition every year during the winter draw. The annual competition is a national event which is part of the USWCA. All Lady members are automatically a part of the competition.

The Club Championships (Ladies and Mens) – Late March

The Ladies and Mens club championships are completed during the last half of March. Check your mailboxes and the member boards at the club for when your team plays.

The Pull-the-Plug Bonspiel (Mixed) – Late March

Our members-only closing bonspiel is affectionatly called The Pull-the-Plug Bonspiel. The Pull-the-Plug Bonspiel occurs during the last weekend of March. The event is open to any member of the club and is a great way to end the curling season.

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